Floors and Walls leave calling card in Bristol

Having recently graced the pages of our myspace site as Band of the Week, when the Brighton quartet of Floors and Walls rolled into Bristol it was an opportunity that could not be missed. Appearing at an unsigned showcase at local breaking venue the Fleece, the band certainly had a job on their hands, as the vast majority of the crowd had no idea who they were. This was only their second appearance in Bristol, but one thing is for certain, they will be back, more than likely on a bigger stage.

Taking to the stage, frontman Alex Adams immediately makes a connection with his audience, a barrage of banter firing back and forth. This lightens the mood, even takes the edge off the bands nerves, as they launch into their explosive set. The sheer energy and enthusiasm far exceeds anything that has come before them this evening. This is a band that is determined to leave their mark. Adams spits lyrics at a ferocious pace, yet they fit perfectly with Dom McNulty's jamming guitar grooves, all held together by one hell of a rhythm section. Tight is an understatement. Tracks 'Tracey', 'The Stand' and 'The Boracic Man' all go down a storm, leaving the crowd torn between shock and awe. The smiles, however, say it all.

What Floors and Walls do is certainly different, but they do it so well. It works. Often labelled as the illegitimate love child of Rage Against the Machine and The Streets, and even known as 'chavcore pioneers', the band have developed a sound that is entirely their own. Fantastic songs, exuberant stage presence, and an energy that prompted Alex Adams to assure me he 'was not on drugs of any sort!', this band have it all. Given the right break and that little bit of luck, they could be huge.