Women get the thumbs up

No matter the situation, it is always good to get women involved as early as possible and Primavera sound wasn’t letting anyone down on that score. The second band on the Pitchfork stage was Women, and even though there was not a female in view, it was still a sight to behold. The opening numbers gave the impression that the band could be viewed as a diet version of The Shins, both in sound and vision. Most of the components of a good set were in place but a memorable chorus or two would have been enough to pump the band up the table a bit.

That's not to say there was a lack of nice touches or thoughtful flourishes, far from it. In particular, the xylophone being played by the drummer on the second song was a welcome addition, if not a reliable guide to the rest of the set. As the show continued, the band got darker and louder, with the drums becoming more of a driving influence and the foundation for a lot of wailing feedback. Women, like a few bands playing early on at Primavera found that exposure to sunshine and daylight detracted from their overall performance, not unlike a Gremlin. Its hard to say, but if the set had been fully inside or under cover of the night, it might have been an all round better spectacle.

It was also an early reminder of the difference between European and UK festivals, as a band like Women would not be exposed to the elements in this manner back home. In fact, it would be hard to see where the band would fit in the line-up of many of the UK festivals. The set was bookended by the more melodious material of the show and a fairly decent sized crowd had gathered by the time the final number was ringing out.