Here comes Girl

Most people would consider that the girls stage came before women in the natural order of life but on the Pitchfork stage, things were decidedly different. This is because Girls were on the bill after Women and the band seemed happy, if not a little surprised, to find themselves on such a stage so early on in their career. Hailing from San Francisco, the girls drummer may not be able to wear flowers in his hair but the two guitarists certainly could. The act slipped effortlessly into gear with a set that had a laid back feel and contained a sunny vibe, but there were a few twists and turns along the way to keep it interesting. The songs were building in a melodic manner but would then feature a freak-out at some point before they ended and a number of the songs had a harsher undertone that may not have been expected at first.

It was also noticed that the singer had an extremely weird leg movement which was not helped by having his trousers at half mast, possibly in tribute to a recently deceased budgie. Girls came across as a lighter version of Beechwood Sparks, certainly in need of more incubation time but definitely engaging and they benefitted from the cool sea breeze that was now filtering in over the crowd, although it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the band.

There were numerous problem with the lead guitar and it took a few people to get involved and a change of cable before matters were resolved. When it was back in business, they really kicked up the tempo and volume and raised the bar for the remainder of the evening. Like all good girls, this act was one that was well worth seeing again.