Everything they’ve got, and more

“Hello Reading!” Brody Dalle screams before The Distillers put everything they’ve got and more, into their Main Stage set. As soon as the first note comes roaring out of the amps, the world is plunged into chaos. Everyone goes wild- anything and everything that can be thrown, is thrown whilst the band on stage rip it up with Brody’s raw vocals and Rose `Casper’s` mean axe work. A lone fish floats through the sky. They plough through an amazing lot of songs, one of which being “The Hunger” for which Brody adopts a stare which could kill and screeches like a banshee with a sore throat. The crowd love every minute of it and worship Brody like the rock goddess she is. They finish with “Drain The Blood” which they perform with absolute perfection. But it does not end there! Walking coolly down to the audience Brody hurls her guitar into the crowd that’s crushing forwards. That sirs and ladies, was The Distillers

Emily Warner