Next year looks like it's going to be an absolutely cracking year for music. There are talented bands popping up left, right and centre and here at Room Thirteen we've selected our favourites, ones we hope to see big things from in 2011. That's right it's list time, here are our 2011 Ones To Watch!

Cars On Fire

Bristol based melodic hardcore
What makes them special?
Emma says: "There are no duff tracks here, from the opening dark and meaty riffs and seriously catchy chorus of 'Burn The Suits' you know the record is going to be something special and you are not disappointed."
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What's happening in 2011?
Look out for a heavy, agressive album in January

Max Raptor

Alt rock/punk rockers from Burton-On-Trent
What makes them special?
Andrew says: "Upbeat and riff laden is what Max Raptor do best and they layer it on with a trowel"
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What's happening in 2011?
Look out for a mini album in March

Voodoo Hussy

Art Punk rockers from London
What makes them special?
Jenni says: "a band that are clearly connected to each other and all undeniably passionate about what they do. Each song is relatable with a distinct Voodoo Hussy style, the set starting with solid punky rock and getting heavier as the night went on."
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What's happening in 2011?
Look out for a tour & new single in the spring.

Killington Fall

Post-rock foursome from South West London
What makes them special?
Emma says: "Tracks like 'This City Is Covered In Water' impress with a delicate, melodic loveliness that challenges even the best post rock masters"
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What's happening in 2011?
Look out for a spring tour and a new EP later in the year

I Am Forever

Alt Rock from the South West
What makes them special?
James says: "The Tragic Tale of Jonny Pumpkinhead' [is] split into five chapters (each song being a chapter), the band has evolved their contrasting alternative/pop/rock sound and, with the help of producer Jason Wilcock they have achieved a positively polished sound." Read more:'The Tragic Tale of Jonny Pumpkinhead' mini album review
What's happening in 2011?
Following their recent mini album, they're planning a single release and gigs around the UK - keep an eye on the band for more details

Colours of One

Alternative hard rock five piece from Bridgend
What makes them special?
Jenni says: "[singer] Mike Simmonds's powerful voice is strong and steady, shining as a central point amidst a dynamic and layered sound. Think of a more mature, heavier pop/alternative rock sensibility blended with some hard rock riffs."
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Look out for gigs around the UK, new songs and possibly an album at the end of the year!

The Joy Formidable

Welsh indie rock trio
What makes them special?
Omar says: "[the band] launched into 'Austere' and showcased a penchant for building atmospherics and awe-inspiring refrains"
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What's happening in 2011?
Look out for their debut album early in the year


Indie electro quartet from London
What makes them special?
Jenni says: "high quality, top notch indie electro [that brings] a room to their feet ... get yourself to a Kites gig now!"
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What's happening in 2011?
Look out for a single & video in January as well as a UK tour

The Crookes

Sheffield based indie rockers
What makes them special?
Omar says: "So their sound may be 50 years out of date but few bands are as charming as The Crookes. Their repertoire also cheerfully evoked their appearance as they bounced and thrusted to the lithe guitar strains of opener 'Bloodshot Days'."
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What's happening in 2011?
Look out for debut album 'Chasing After Ghosts' at the end of March


Hard rock/heavy metal from Derbyshire
What makes them special?
Sian Jennifer says: "monster tracks of power ballads and kick-ass anthems that would have been just as at home in the 80's as they are today. Isolysis is a special band and this is because they're not afraid to take risks; far from copying the current metal bigwigs, they've produced a wonderfully believable album" Read more:'Condemned' album review
What's happening in 2011?
Keep an eye out for gigs around the UK

There are more up and coming bands than we have space to write about, but a few others really stand out and R13 thinks they deserve a mention!


"crashing waves of manic, heavy guitar and beefy bass line ... loud, uncompromising and very, very raw"

"wonderful hooks, great choruses and harmonies, textures upon textures and mightily constructed."

Punk Rock

Avenge Vulture Attack
"cool riffs and the most impressive vocals you will hear from any up and coming band"

Hearts Under Fire
"extremely tenacious and energetic"

Semi Previous Weapons
"great old fashioned, sleazy yet full of glamour songs"

You And What Army
"Perfectly coupled with frantic strobe lighting, the quartet's brand of rave/rap/rock strikes with tremendous impact and generates a truly exhilarating atmosphere."


Dan Korn
"evoking memories of classic American blues and jazz tinged with 60s psychadelia and folk"

James Owen Fender
"a raw, edgy feel that is emotionally quite powerful"

"foot stomping garage rock and bluesy fuzz backed by great vocals"

Polly Mackey & The Pleasure Principle
"a rollercoaster of emotions with fantastic vocals ... mixing soft tones with attitude"

Simon McBride
"bluesy numbers with plenty of slide and vintage grooves"

Rock, Prog & Grunge

Burn The Fleet
"One moment it's tranquil waters smoothed over with heartfelt lyrics, the next it's a turbulent storm"

"a reformed band, a re-recording of 'Dancing In The Moonlight' & a March tour - the alt-rockers are making a comeback"

The Stanley Blacks
"rock alternative Killers-esque sound"

Stereo Is A Lie
"Brit rock meets Texas rock ... with the ideal blend of distortion and emotional vocals"

"[vocal free] it has character, intelligence and most of all, it is pure brilliance"

We Rock Like Girls Don't
"angst ridden ... sinister feel ... full on kick ass rock"

The Woe Betides
"[it's] lo-fi, it's synth, it's electronica, it's guitar pop, it's an eclectic mix"


"straight 80s ... good time, girl lovin', party on rock"

Reckless Love
"Yes people, HAIR METAL IS BACK and with a feckin vengeance"

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