“Fever! Baby!”

Formed of what looks like a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes that have time travelled back to the romantic era, and raided a make-up counter, Pink Grease walk out onto the stage. As I write they are currently confusing and contorting the crowd. Everyone seems over awed by the sheer energy, gall and makeup of singer Rory as he leaps around the stage like a possessed angel, dives in and out of the audience and falls off the amps. By the time they’ve finished the first number it’s clear that the Carling Tent crowd adore them. Pink Grease has a hell of an attitude and you can see it in their eyes. These guys do the one thing that is so often missing- they entertain. Not just the crowd who by now are waving, chanting and clapping along, but they seem to entertain each other; there is great interplay between the members of this band. The hit of the set is “The Pink G. R. Ease” a steamrolling number which leaves you thinking that you’ve just taken part in something that’s part punk disco, and part “Rocky Horror Show”. It’s a number, and a beat that sticks in your head and heart. The lyrics say it all. “The Pink G. R. Ease are gonna make you sweat!”