When it comes to performing there’s no Messin’ Around

Grabbing you by the throat and dragging you down, down, down, four scrawny creatures tear you apart, then caress you with such fluid riffs that you’ll go crawling back on hands and knees for more.

Throwing themselves headlong into the testosterone laden sound of “Get Up! (Don’t Fight It)”, The Datsuns rip up the intimate Meanfiddler. There’s hardly time for the feedback to die before they step up the pace with the fast and furious “That Sure Ain’t Right”. The crowd have had their hit and they beg for more with shouts of “Datsuns! Datsuns!” and what do they get? “Lady”- the screams from Dolf De Datsun in this one would put a choir of Banshees to shame.

Dolf stomps around the stage, whilst Phil is already doing the dance of the dying fly- “I don’t give a fuck if it’s a Sunday!” the frontman screams, and neither does the crowd. Then for the heavy and solid “Girls Best Friend”, held together by brilliant drum and bass work from Matt and Dolf.

One of the highlights has to be “MF From Hell”; everyone goes wild, kept in check by steady riff hurled out of Chris Datsun’s guitar. This guy looks so chilled yet plays like a devil with solo after solo.

But the best is yet to come… several more facemelting songs later the set draws to a close. But wait for it! “Freeze Sucker” explodes out of the amps. The whole of the Meanfiddler screams along with them, as they are completely absorbed by what can only be described as the most amazing solo a Sunday has ever seen- it’s like The Datsuns are suddenly possessed. Dolf is screaming and twisting, Chris lets himself go and the crowd looks on in awe as Matt’s arms become a blur and Phil throws himself into the outstretched hands.

This kids, is as close as you’ll get to experiencing the sheer energy radiated by Led Zeppelin when they were as fresh and young as The Datsuns.