Crash Convention at The Camden Koko

Smashing open their set with a sound that would put fear into a banshee, Crash Convention bring their blinding music to the Camden Koko, Leaving many with the question in their heads. Did the earth move for you? The answer is a resounding Yes! Crash Convention have arrived and nobody can say they did not know about it.

This is a band that serves themselves and their music up with as much style as a waiter flourishing the silver in front of you. As they blast on through their next number like fired up demons, they produce a shuddering bass and drum blast that makes you wonder whether it is the ground or the air that is shaking, lashing this sound with frantic guitars like whips of fire, while their singer screams. 'Love the f**kin Metro Riots!' Moving on through their set the numbers get heavier and faster. This is matched by the total commitment and sheer enthusiasm that the band displays, with the two guitarists scrambling together and then bursting apart like a wave on the rocks, only to be joined together at the mic. once again. Short, sharp and furious Crash Convention produce a testimony to the pure, spit in your face, don't give a f**k music that only a band like themselves can throw out to a hungry crowd. Then amid enough flashing and flickering lights to satisfy the most dedicated fairground rider these guys go absolutely crazy as they hurl themselves, their instruments and the by now, almost rabid crowd into 'Watch Committee'. This is a number that cannot fail to put you in mind of The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Libertines all thrown into one and then played at breakneck speed.

The vocals that this band produce have the animal scream of The Vines combined with the ability to exhibit an almost Undertones street kid plea. However Crash Convention are their own men and as such are able to put their own stamp on this music. They then serve up 'Making Faces', a number that is packed with a passion that verges on being violent. Then. Bam! Yes it really is over, but only until the next time Crash Convention reconvene. These guys have the ability to connect with people because they share with you the feeling that you are part of what they play and sing about. Not only do they get into your head, but they allow you inside their own, at least for a brief time, while they weave their own brand of explosive magic on stage.