Rumble In The Jumble

Knowing I was off to see this band this weekend, I'd checked them out
on their website beforehand. Obviously their site would be biased, but
it sounded as though I'd enjoy this slick young group.

The act I'm met with is one of the most mediocre I've seen this
weekend. I'm not quite sure what genre Engerica occupy, neither I'm
certain, are they. Sounding like a pastiche of practically every other
act here, I struggle to find something that distinguishes the band.
Looking like the kids next door, their sound is apt. There are
millions of bands like this, only they're playing pub gigs and not
festivals. I feel that Engerica are out of their depth, their sound
positively weak in this, the smallest of the Download stages.

Pop-rock that tries to be heavy, thrashy, metal and edgy, but never
quite hits the mark. Conversely, the pop side is not commercial enough
either. I mean, I can't hear anything that vaguely sounds like a single.
That's not to say that there aren't the makings here of a good future.
A lack of maturity in their sound implies to me that Engerica need to
pick a style of music and concentrate their efforts on laying that
well. To pull off an amalgamation of various styles takes exceptional
skill and more than a touch of genius; think System of a Down, Todd
Rundgren or Beck. Engerica are never gonna be able to pull that off.