Smothered in music

Performing with great emotion and conviction, this three piece draw a perfect response from their captive crowd after every single song. One of their best rounds of claps and screams comes after 'Understand'; this number really shines- its sound soars and it's brilliant. Another favourite is 'Last Go Round' which is performed with such anger and violence that you have to take a step back from the stage.

Their set moves through a mix of very strong and fearsome numbers to the slightly less harsh and more poppy ones. But the one thing that stays the same is the constant clash of climaxes and anti-climaxes.

As the energy splinters out of the amps and Smother's frontman hurls himself around like some kind of gremlin on speed, he suddenly flies off stage during their last number and appears on the bar, bent low over his guitar with sweat dripping off of him, the feedback screams out and the last notes slowly, painfully and unfortunately die out, leaving the crowd gasping for more.