Taking Back Sunday's enjoyable main stage performance

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this band was their rather interesting, Art-Deco background and set, with kiddie style drawings of amplifiers and speakers placed over their real-life counterparts. Certainly, this was more memorable than their actual performance. Despite their status as a Melodic Hardcore EMO band, Taking Back Sunday reminded me much more of easy listening than any kind of rock band.

There was some nice 3 piece guitar harmonies at points in the set. I felt somewhat sorry for the bassist who decided to hide towards the back of the stage. The mixing and the sound in general came across really well. The few hard-core fans made it down to the front and seemed to be enjoying themselves whereas the rest of the crowd simply stood around, occasionally moving their heads a little. The band did encourage the crowd to sing along at times, so clearly everyone hadn't fallen asleep. The band did receive a good round of applause; deserved since their performance certainly showed talent and ability.

The band closed on "A Decade Under the Influence", receiving another well earned round of applause. With the exception of the large amount of hot air from the lead singer, Taking Back Sunday played a nice sounding set which seemed to go down well with the fans. Perhaps they are just too nice for the traditional "Rock" day of the Leeds Festival. Mellow yes, but boring? No. Talented and here to stay for a little bit more at least.