In This Moment - Nexus Club

Going to Metal Gigs alone and in a pair of three quarter length shorts with a purple T-Shirt is never a good idea. Metal fans really take themselves and their blessed music culture seriously don't they? Grow up, get a job and have some fun. Do you drown kittens for your own enjoyment you bunch of cheerless, miserable bastards? This is why I like 'In This Moment'. Well I do now anyway. They're not about image; they're just there for the music

There's nothing especially brilliant about the band's music. They don't make you sit back wonder where the band have been all your life, they're simply solid. However, in vocalist Maria they have a potent weapon, which could possibly lay scourge to the other collective monotonous drivel that has become the punk hardcore scene. 'In This Moment' are truly a shining light.

Their live performance is packed with energy and a real desire to please the fans. They look great, and sound even better. Maria keeps the crowd in her hands, despite being relatively unknown, and guitarist Blake leaves others mesmerised with what can only be described as fantastic hair. Despite only being support for DevilDriver, they really engage the crowd and mark their presence on the proceedings. However, behind the energy and power of the vocals is a vehemently solid rock base, which showed no signs of faltering throughout the performance.

Unfortunately, they're not given the time to showcase their full talents due to the time constraints of the Nexus Club, but they certainly left their mark on me. A fantastic performance by an ordinary band. Perhaps it's because I don't really like Metal that I feel this way? I don't really care to be honest. All I can really say is that live this is a fantastic band to go and watch; make your own mind up when you buy their album (Beautiful Tragedy In Stores Now). If you're going to Download, go and watch them, I will. I can only hope that they're given more time than tonight.