Don't bother.

Well, with a name like that, I think we know where this band is going don't we? Yup, yet another metal-core band. What do they have to offer that's any different from the previous bands? Well, things seem to start off well with a performance from the burlesque girls for a 5 minutes before the band take to the stage. That's fairly entertaining though downright playing to the fan-boys. Sex sells, but sadly, Ted Maul's music certainly doesn't.

Of all the death metals bands I've heard this weekend, Ted Maul are the worst. Despite two guitarists, all we get is mismatched noise, guttural shouting, some badly placed synth and standard riffs that we've all heard a million times before. The only saving grace for this band is that they do have a lot of energy to give. Sadly it's not focused or used correctly. It's just thrown out at you in the messiest, angriest way possible and it simply sounds awful.

Ted Maul aren't doing anything better than other bands, nor are they bringing anything new to the table. The crowd has no idea what to make of this band but I do. If you fancy listening to a bucket load of noise, albeit passionately played, then this is fine. But I wouldn't bother. There are better bands out there.