Moose Blood

Having formed back in August of 2012 Kent based emo band Moose Blood has been working hard recently on the follow up their 2014 debut mini album I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time and in the process winning over the hearts of music lovers across the UK. Their second offering is Blush, another excellent addition to their growing achievements.

The opener, Pastel, an upbeat fast paced natured tune that is easy on the ears with its flowing melodic guitar riffs getting feet tapping and heads bopping. Honey is the first single released from the album and is one of those tunes that gently builds within the verses then explodes with a chorus that kicks everything up a gear. Freckle follows a very similar guitar-driven pattern. There are some elements to keep you on your toes and thrown in to liven things up such as Sulk adding a slice of indie rock to the mix and the electronic vibe within the opening guitar section of Glow.

There are some slightly more tender tunes to the mix such as Knuckles. Sway has a subtler more focused guitar line with Eddy Brewerton’s vocals reverting away from the emo vibe to be much edgier and raw. Spring is slower with its guitar lines standing out alongside Brewerton’s vocals giving the song a more emotive feel with lyrical content of experiencing loss. Shimmer is a simple ballad, focusing primarily around the drum and guitar arrangements, at first. Things then heat up with a rock infused mid-section before concluding in the manner in which it started.

This Canterbury quartet has created an album packed to the brim with punchy melodies that give off a bounce, melodic guitar rock and a massive infusion of emo. After listening to this record it is no wonder the lads are currently on the road with a sold out tour and with further tour dates planned for October through the UK’s major cities, these are expected be received in pretty much the same way.

Blush is released worldwide now via Hopeless Records and the lads have a tour planned for October.