Jonass - Guitar, Vocals
Marcass - Synthezisers
Andreass - Drums

In the early eighties punk came to the industrial city of Landskrona in southern Sweden. The outcast youngsters were squatting community buildings and fighting neonazis with stillettoknifes and fuzzguitars. Two adolescent boys, Jonass and Marcass, were ruptured by the commotion and quickly became a part of the punkscene. In the still of the night they stole a guitar and a bassyntheziser from the local musicstore and started making fast, aggressive music. Their first gig was as an opening act to the infamous punkrocker Neon Leon, who at that time played some form of pornographic blues with Little Richardesque outbursts.

Some fifteen years later Jonass and Marcass met up in Malmo with skamaniac Andreass and Quit Your Dayjob was born. The band soon became known as a fierce liveact and seven hundred people showed up when they threw a party to celebrate their first single “Head of the Daycare Center”. The band gained a strong following and named their fans “Freaks”.

Sweden first saw Quit Your Dayjob at the Emmaboda festival 2002 and then the race was on. Releasing the single “Pissing on a Panda” and by touring cities around Sweden they got their first underground hitsingle and new freaks were born.

Playing the toilets for a year, the Arvika festival then gave the band a spot in the limelight. Iranian refugee Abbass saw the concert, promised to sell his hat and release the minialbum “Quit your Dayjob” on his label I Made This. The eight-track cd found its way through Sweden in the summer of 2004 and eventually landed in the Bad Taste car stereo. After a night of polish vodka the heavily hung over record company crew cranked up the stereo and quickly rejoiced, shouting: THE FREAKS ARE OUT! And instantly decided to re-release the minialbum.

The Quit Your Dayjob minialbum is a nuclear bomb exploding with wild electro punk surf and raw energy. Jonass, Marcass and Andreass invite YOU to join the army of freaks in the fight against everyday boredom. All in the name of... QUIT YOUR DAYJOB.
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