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American Head Charge


American Head Charge managed to leave Rick Rubin's label, American Recordings and sign a new deal with Nitrus Records/Navarre Distribution. Citing the usual (but prefacing it with "extreme and debilitating") "creative differences", AHC were allowed to leave American Recordings to pursue what they "originally saw in American (Recordings)...a belief in the music we write and a very hands-on, no nonsense approach."

AHC had scheduled to begin pre-production on their still untitled sophmore release in Los Angeles with producer Greg Fidelman (who engineered AHC's previous album "The War of Art", and whose credits include Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bush) on May 31st, aiming for an October release.

"This is good news for everyone...ourselves, our new label, and especially our fans. We have a renewed sense of purpose and hope, and a batch of new songs that will rip off your face while singing you to sleep. See you on tour, pigs."

'The Feeding' hit the stores February next year after a delayed release and saw Headcharge set out on a massive UK and American tour to promote the album.

Unfortunately disaster struck in South Carolina on the 20th April when fellow band mates found guitarist Bryan Ottoson dead in his tour bus bunk before a show in North Charleston, South Carolina. Bryan had been one of the main song writers of the group and it was a great loss to the band. Headcharge soldiered on though and only cancelling only a few of the shows, recruited former Black Flood Diesel member Benji Helberg to finish of the tour.

This is far from the only bad luck that has struck the band in 2006. During continued touring throughout the summer someone broke into their trailer and stole $15,000 of amps and equipment. And now as the year comes to a close guitarist Karma Cheema has announced his departure from the band. With a UK tour planned early next year the band are busy setting up auditions for a bassist as Chad Banks has decided to take over guitar duties. read less


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