The Hedrons are: -
Chi (Bass & Vocals)
Rosie (Lead Guitar)
Soup (Drums)
Tippi (Guitar & Lead Vocals)

The Hedrons formed last year in their native Glasgow. With a relentless gigging schedule capped by several sell out performances all over Scotland, the four-piece have established themselves as one of the country's foremost emerging rock and roll bands.

During this time, The Hedrons have been the focus of many a live review, and buzz band feature, in both the national press and the regional publications. Most notably, the band was featured in the NME who said of them 'an all-girl four-piece who sound like Patti Smith meets Penetration with a dash of early Blondie and a smidging of The Runaways... you have to hear this band!' Off the back of this and other press, The Hedrons are now confirmed to take part in this year's 'Download' festival being staged at Donington, one of many shows the band will perform throughout this summer.

The Hedrons' music is decidedly one part Ramones-esque brawn, one part femme-fatale roar, and one part ruthless guitar-driven nerve. Or as lead guitarist Rosie humorously puts it, "If you listen to us, you wouldn't realise it was girls until Tippi starts singing you'd think it was a bunch of big hairy guys playing." And although the girls would personally describe their sound as the modern love child of the Foo Fighters and Joan Jett, they would also say that the very same is proudly godfathered by Iggy Pop & The Stooges.

Although The Hedrons have just started out in their career, they are certain to make a healthy impact on the music scene. And, according to Bass player Chi, one thing's for sure, "For four girls, we make one hell of a noise."

The Hedrons album 'One More Won't Kill Us' will be released 9th October 2006. The first taste from which will be the single 'Be My Friend' (a tip of the hat to the band's phenomenal online community) that's released 31st July. A second single 'Heatseeker' is scheduled for 2nd October.

Source: The Hedrons' Press Office (May 2006) read less


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