Alex Davies – Vocals/ Guitar
Ed Minton – Vocals/Guitar
Dan Hetherton – Vocals/Drums
Ally Paul – Keyboards
Teddy Hetherton - Bass

Elliot Minor is a five-piece British rock band. They began their life as school friends‚ and choristers; not something you would expect from the latest upcoming stars of the rock scene. For the past year or so they lads have been writing and recording, and are finishing off the debut album at the moment, and currently playing gigs all over the UK.

All these guys are classically trained, which can be seen when it comes to their song writing and performance. Their first track Parallel Worlds was released April 2007 and reached #31 on the UK Top 40 Charts in it's first week. However with their classically trained background you would expect something a little more sedate than the debut offering. They obviously know their stuff in terms of musical talent and what you have here is a bunch of guys throwing all their musical know-how into creating a great punk/rock/pop tune. The bands style may be classed as pop rock but these guys have the talent to try their shot at anything. Watch out for them in the coming year.
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