U2 Discography

Boy Album
Boy was the first of three albums to be produced by Steve Lillywhite and...

Released October 1980

October Album
October, originally with the working title of Scarlet, was released in the summer of 1981.

Released October 1981

War Album
More than any other record, ‘War’ is right for its time...

Release date: February 1983

Under a Blood Red Sky Album
This EP was comprised of music from three live performances from the War Tour...

Release date: November 1983

The Unforgettable Fire Album
This album was U2's first collaboration with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois in the studio...

Release date: October 1984

The Joshua Tree
The release of The Joshua Tree saw U2 become 'Rock's Hottest Ticket.'

Realease date: March 1987

Rattle and Hum Album
Rattle And Hum was released as a companion 2-LP...

Released October 1988

Achtung Baby Album
After Rattle and Hum, U2 went away to 'dream it all up again.'

Release date: November 1991

Initially intended to be just an EP, Zooropa became a full-fledged album...

Realease date: July 1993

In Japan, an extra track is added to CDs to make them a more desirable purchase...

Release date: March 1997

The Best Of 1980-1990 Album
U2's first compilation comprised two discs: the first entitled The Best of U2 Volume One 1980-1990...

Released November 1998

All That You Can’t Leave Behind Album

Release date: October 2000

The Best Of 1990-2000 Album
U2's second compilation comprised two discs: entitled The Best of U2 1990-2000

Released November 2002 read less


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